This page will support truth about Toyota Lexus unintended acceleration scandal.




brakes and reverse lights on, freeze frame from camera 7

brakes and reverse lights on moving forwards

This page will support truth about Toyota Lexus unintended acceleration scandal.
Toyota intentionally neglected to respond truthfully to the investigation.
Resulting in much carnage and casualty including the hero whistleblower who was working as a translator for Toyota Lexus at the time, being fired from her job and then pursued for damages.

With close ties to an automotive design engineer being piqued with concern to the unusually high incidence of defect which the affected Toyota Lexus cars had versus the same defect affecting the combined numbers of all other cars produced, naturally when by chance such incidence striking close to home we had no other choice but to be involved.

We have a forensically preserved surveillance video. A proof of testimony never before captured.
The empires of evil propagating the corrupt misinformation allowing such carnage and blood to be shoveled under a floormat would not have been so successful had this video occurred and been made available and known during the time of the scandal.
The entire video clearly shows a person who normally backs a few cars out of a bodyshop at the start of a day. In this segment the person, brother of the shop owner, starts the car brake light shows, then reverse light as normal, but then brakes again as car goes full throttle forward with transmission selector yet in R. The computer locked all outputs latched high. Even antilock pumped full power back to the master cylinder, pushing up against the drivers foot so fiercely so as to flicker the brake lights. Despite this common testimony by survivors of these incidents and added to this, survivors who had time to press and hold the engine stop button to no avail, Toyota continued to neglect to respond appropriately. Instead the solution, according to all the whistleblower collected, was to bribe the NHTSA special investigator and create smoke n mirrors for the news syndicates to produce. Unknown to myself whether they were bribed as well. The car, an 08 IS250, has been preserved as well secured in a climate controlled environment. Together with the video excellent evidence for cases against Toyota Lexus and good reason for us to boycott them.

The main purpose of this page is to educate about the perils of computer intervention in motor vehicles. The second purpose would be to offer our evidence for action against Toyota Lexus.

We will be adding more info regarding this wrongful response by Toyota Lexus which resulted in wrongful outcomes. We will also be adding about the perils of widespread reckless use of computer intervention in passenger cars. Please contact with any info you wish us to consider posting and ppl affected. We just may want to record their incident and any supporting material. contact us at

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If you are Toyota Lexus do not attempt to buy us out. People should rightfully boycott your products.

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Eventually we will attempt to contact the whistleblower who lost her job and eventually forced to spend what little money she had to defend herself. I'll soon post her name if she wants and ask if she would like to have a link posted to donate directly to her. Last read she was a semidisabled person having difficulty paying her defense against Toyota Lexus.

more about computer intervention in motor vehicles

Criminally negligent if foot pedal and steering wheel forfeit direct mechanical connection to control stopping power and steer angle. Same for the ignition switch no longer serving as direct bus disconnect. Computer intervention is one thing which may prove positive as long as the operator can kill or overpower intervention. Turning the cockpit into a gaming seat is criminal. Toyota Lexus unintended acceleration scandal proved that the start stop switch asking a computer to cease engine operations is fatal. And that empires of evil conspire to shovel blood under a floor mat. These statements are based on what should be a common sense for engineering safety. The high incidence of self driving car casualties. And also on forensic investigations, preserved evidence and video footage on the Toyota Lexus incident.